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Kanban Model

Unlike the other models, Kanban does not have pronounced iterations. If a team does plan iterations, they are incredibly short sprints, sometimes as short as one day.

A Kanban board with sticky notes is used to visually outline the projects and their details, including project owners and progress status. This visualization allows the team to narrow concentration on the most important feature in development at the moment.

Additionally, the Kanban board highlights the room remaining for continual improvement to perfection of features.

Although the method of sticky notes on a board helps motivate the team to focus on perfecting the important task at hand, it is a poor way to define and maintain timeframes. For this reason, planning long projects is very difficult.

Since there is no set planning stage, changes can be made at any time. One common disadvantage of Kanban is the lack of timeframes. This issue can be accentuated if changes are made continually.


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